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BOA approved the patio for Local 38!

Local 46 to Re-Open for Summer 2021!! 

As you may know, we owned and operated Local 46 Bar at 46th and Tennyson for the better part of the last decade, and unfortunately due to Covid, had to close our doors at the end of October, unable to face what the winter months would bring. Our taxes were considerable on our strong annual revenue and we are proud to have contributed to the growth and success of Denver and our neighborhood. If you are not familiar with Local 46, a more detailed description and our story can be found be on the history page. 


We have an exciting opportunity to re-open Local in a new location at 38th and Perry in the old el Chapultapec II building, formerly Blue Corn Lounge. This property has been vacant for several years. 


The BOA hearing on Feb 9th was for the proposed patio on the West side of our property along Perry Street. I have included the proposed design LINK HERE. Our plan is to keep the building, give it a much needed update, add ventilation and filtration and build a spacious, community biergarten with outdoor seating and activities such as bocce ball and cornhole. Now more than ever we need functional and spacious outdoor gathering spaces in our neighborhood.  Thanks to the overwhelming support from our community, our patio was approved!


Our model has always provided ample space for parties to have their own area and feel secluded from other guests, we had to make very few adjustments in terms of our table/seating placement to create proper social distancing because our set up was already very conducive to distanced seating. We learned a lot over the years at Local 46 and have plans in place to mitigate sound impacts on neighbors. The space will incorporate repurposed and sustainable building material and we are passionate about creating a unique and comfortable space where all feel welcome. Our business model and our success are dependent upon the approval of the proposed outdoor space.


In the coming weeks you will likely see another public hearing notice posted on the property for our Liquor License application. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.

We are busy at work designing and planning the new space. Local 38 will be "same, same but different" from Local 46. We aim to open Local 38 in November 2021 after closing down 46.


In the meantime, thanks to our landlords, we are very excited to have the opportunity to re-open Local 46 at our original location for a short term lease April-October 2021. Totally Local 80's Party on April 24th!

All the best,

Niya Gingerich and partners...

Grant Gingerich, owner el Camino Community Tavern

Christian Thompson, Owner/Broker Green Door Living

Kris Miller, Owner KLM

Chris Reiss, Attorney- Polsinelli

Our story, a brief history and partner info:


Since you may not be familiar with what was Local 46 Bar and Biergarten; I would like to offer this description as to the place it filled in our community.  


On the corner of 46th and Tennyson once dwelt the old dive bar, known as Music Bar (although everyone wants to remember it being called the Music Box!), it had a long and colorful history in the neighborhood known for the early morning Happy Hours and late nights of Karaoke. My husband and I appreciated that colorful history and began to develop a concept that would bring new life to the neighborhood, families included. It took a lot of blood, sweat and tears, but also seemed to inspire a lot of people to show up and volunteer their time and skills.


As more and more of the community began to show up in support we gradually added elements as they shared with us what they hoped to see happen in their neighborhood. Within a couple of years we had transformed an abandoned, overgrown eyesore of a vacant lot into a beautiful outdoor biergarten. People often and enthusiastically complimented us on the best patio in all of Denver! 


With creative and hand-crafted features throughout, we had recycled old sidewalk tree grates and turned them into tables, my brother welded an old water heater tank and transformed it into a fire pit, we repurposed old wood fencing and created a private oasis where the community came to gather. We hosted countless school fundraisers and events benefiting Edison Elementary, Centennial Elementary and Skinner Middle, just to name a few. We became a home away from home for many Northside residents. Our staff was like family to them and vice versa. We hosted birthdays, weddings, memorials and baby showers. We helped make lasting memories for many folks in our community. We held the stage for some of Denver’s best musicians and showcased local artists on our walls every month. We strongly believe in supporting all things LOCAL-musicians, artists, breweries, distilleries, farms, workers, and other small businesses. We were so proud of what we had created and our staff was proud to be part of something unique and meaningful to so many.


Then Covid hit. Our event Coordinator, Laura, who had spent 3 years developing a very special private event program and had a packed event calendar, wiped out. Countless bands that had waited years to get on our calendar, and our regularly booked Northside favorites- all lost their shows. 


Our cleaner, also like family to us, Victor, and his extended family who lost more than half of their revenue when we closed- now he is at risk of losing his 15 year old company which he built from the ground up. A young entrepreneur, Vince, who repurposed old phone booths and turned them into Photobooths, lost all his sales when our industry was shut down, and is now on the brink of losing it all. 


In addition to the unforeseen and uncontrollable Covid challenges we faced, our landlords applied for a demolition permit that was prominently displayed on the side of the building during the 1st shutdown. Folks assumed we had just closed up shop completely. Once we were permitted to re-open with strict regulations, we had  to work extra hard to let the community know we were still in business and NEEDED their support more than ever. Much of our business model was not convertible to social distancing such as the live music shows that took place almost nightly and usually led to dancing. So, we “pivoted” and worked tirelessly to create a new model that would create a Covid-safe yet comfortable space for folks to enjoy the outdoor biergarten. We quickly became known for our strict Covid protocols and systems and I was constantly told by folks how impressed they were and how safe they felt coming to our place.


We were lucky to have a large outdoor space that could still accommodate 156 people with proper social distancing. We held a limited outdoor concert series that was a huge hit, we sold out all but one event. Bands were elated, the community rejoiced, and our staff was proud though tired, for it was a lot of work!


Unfortunately, we still could not make the full rent and although the landlords worked with us through the summer months, winter was coming and we had to come up with a plan. With only a year left on our 10 year lease, it just did not make sense to try and survive the winter, we knew another shutdown would likely be coming. The landlords terminated the lease and we took October to say our goodbyes to our loyal patrons and friends. Our last night was Halloween. We did not have a single Covid case between our staff or linked to any patrons. 


After the announcement of our closure, the outpouring of support was overwhelming. It was hard to pinpoint what exactly “it” was that touched so many; but we have realized it is the deep sense of community that Local 46 fostered. It was not exclusive, it was inclusive. It was the old timer sharing stories of North Denver’s rich history, the mother and teacher, the misfit and the hipster, the loner and the socialite, the liberal and the conservative, the young and the old of all races and classes. We welcomed and were a home to all. We mourned the loss greatly and planned to take some time to regroup before figuring out what was next. But as they say, when one door closes, another opens. 


Christian Thompson  and his partners who often hosted business and social events at Local 46 approached us to see if we would consider “moving” Local 46 to 38th and Perry. They had acquired the property not long ago with plans underway to develop, but after they heard of our closing they had an even better idea! 


So here we are.  We feel honored and excited about partnering up with this powerhouse team that is similarly invested in our community and believes in the vision of Local. We all live within blocks of Local 38 and Local 46, all have children we are raising in the neighborhood, who attend local schools. We recognize the value in continuing our mission to provide a community space for all and the opportunity to continue to support DPS and beyond.


Our loyal patrons, musicians and artists are looking to us and begging us to re-open a space for folks to gather again, as soon as we safely can.  We are hoping to pick up where we left off. We want to re-create all things Local 46, at Local 38. Our staff is ready to come back, musicians waiting for the booking calendar to open up, artists ready to show, Victor and Vince awaiting our call. We are hopeful to come back even better!

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